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DJ Prophet

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DJ Prophet, a seasoned DJ with 25 years of experience, has left an indelible mark on the music industry. Throughout his illustrious career, DJ Prophet has had the honor of touring with legendary group The Pharcyde and gracing the airwaves on 93.5 Kday, captivating audiences with his dynamic mixes. Moreover, his charisma and talent have led him to host a television show and make waves on Dash Radio. DJ Prophet’s versatility extends beyond music, as he has become a sought-after name for celebrity and corporate events, bringing his electrifying energy to various stages worldwide. From Italy to Switzerland, Canada to London, Cancun to all corners of the United States, he has transported listeners on unforgettable musical journeys. And now you can come along for the ride without going anywhere. Click a mix to set the vibe. Book DJ PROPHET to take your party or event to another level.

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