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DJ Scooter

DJ Scooter Biography

From New York to Miami to Las Vegas: Wherever the party’s hot, you will find Scooter on the turntables.

Scooter’s signature vibrant style is a genre-bending, mind-blowing mix that is always fresh and exciting. Unlike other DJs who jump on house or hip hop as they come in and out of popularity, Scooter has mastered both hip hop and house and has been producing house music for over 15 years. He is one of the few DJs who can spin for a hip hop crowd and the next night play for an electronic crowd, rockin’ both parties easily and with amazing prowess.

His unparalleled talent and technical skills on the turntables have allowed him to perform in nearly every state in the United States. Scooter has not only established himself as a renowned DJ nationwide but internationally as well. He has traveled and performed in the Dominican Republic, China, Korea, France, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, and Guatemala, just to name a few.

Other DJs may play music, but what sets Scooter apart is his innate ability to read and rock any crowd. “If the people aren’t happy and loving the music, I’m not doing my job,” claims Scooter. Regardless of the venue or event, he always chooses the music that will not only rock the crowd at hand but leave them with an unforgettable party experience.


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