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Mike Fusion

Mike Fusion Biography

The Florida native DJ grew up surrounded by Miami’s world-renowned party scene where famous DJ’s spin at some the biggest events and nights clubs known around the globe, it’s no surprise the influence this had on DJ Mike. He set his sights early on to have a career as a DJ. Once he hit his teens, he was spinning at some of the most elite party venues in the Miami and Ft. Lauderdale area. Throughout his time as a DJ in Florida he was also a frequent guest on South Florida’s most popular radio station Power 96. He was discovered by a booking agent for L.A.’s Viper Room owned by Johnny Depp and given a residency as the main DJ. From “I give people what they want…a show and great music…the people really appreciate when a DJ knows his music.” there he took off and landed gigs deep in the celebrity world and was soon Dj’ing for celebrities like Nicole Scherzinger and Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez and shot for shows like Entourage and The Girls Next Door. Since coming, his gigs have expanded around town. So, what makes him DJ Mike unique? He said, “I give people what they want...a show and great music...the people really appreciate when a DJ knows his music.”

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