Haus of Hyde Beach Miami Party Friday

Get the weekend started off right with Haus of Hyde! Great music, great drinks, great vibes every at Hyde Beach in Miami on Friday, June 21.

VIP Nightlife presents…


Fri, June 21st, 2024 10:00 PM – 2:00 AM EDT

Get ready to dance all night under the stars with Miami’s oceanfront as your backdrop! Don’t miss out on HAUS OF HYDE every Friday, with VERY SPECIAL GUESTS …

at HYDE Beach at SLS South Beach Miami – 1701 Collins Ave

Take refuge from conventional nightlife and come have a drink with us at Haus of Hyde at Hyde Beach in Miami on Friday, June 21, at 10pm. Be sure to expect the unexpected as this is one party to remember!!

So, let’s get your weekend started off right… With killer DJs, smoke machines, champagne sprays and more, an night at Hyde Beach is one for the books! Great music, great drinks, great vibes! And if you’re really ready to have a fun night, book a VIP table with bottle service reservation:


Hyde Beach Miami at SLS South Beach is a stylish and fashionable beachfront spot in Miami Beach. It’s a top-notch place with a poolside area, delectable food, unique drinks, and a blend of hip hop, top 40, and EDM music. Revel in breathtaking ocean views and a lavish atmosphere.

With captivating entertainment, curated craft cocktails, and late night bites from Elcielo and Katsuya, your weekend plans have arrived. Hyde Beach offers everything you’d want from a mega club after dark. It’s a Vegas style bash with bottle service and champagne showers you—and a must-see for anyone who wants to enjoy a top-notch Miami nightlife and delicious food and drinks.

Early arrival is highly recommended. Entry can be a bit difficult for men getting into the club, so it’s best to go the route of securing a table to get in. Book your VIP tables and tickets before it’s too late!!


All Sales Final. No refunds or exchanges. Prices subject to change while supplies last.

Entry Requirements: To get in, you’ll need to bring a valid driver’s license or passport confirming that you are 21+. Entry is always subject to management and the doorman’s discretion.

At The Door Entry: In general, without a table or tickets, the later you arrive, the longer the wait may be. But if you booked a table with us, you can go over to the bouncer and let them know that you have a table reservation for immediate entry. NOTE: The wait time for the line at Hyde South Beach can generally take up to 30 minutes, and even longer on weekends, so skip the line by booking a table.

Dress Code: Collared shirts and slacks, and upscale dress are preferred along with dress shoes or loafers. N0 open-toed sandals, flip-flops, work boots or sneakers are allowed as well as NO baggy, graphic, or extremely oversized clothing. Absolutely no athletic attire such as ball caps, jerseys, sleeveless shirts, sweatshirts or sweatpants are permitted.

Event Location: Hyde Beach is located at SLS Hotel at the corner of Collins Ave and 17th Street, at 1701 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139. Get Directions | Sneak a peek of Hyde Beach HERE.*

Parking: There is on-site valet at the SLS hotel and parking lots nearby ranging from $5-15 depending on the day as well as nearby metered parking.

Additional Nearby Parking: SP+ Parking Garages located at: 1600 Collins Ave (5min, 0.3 mile) • 1545 Collins Ave (6min, 0.3 mile) • 17th And Convention Dr (7min, 0.3 mile) • 2201 Collins Ave (9min, 0.4 mile) | Lincoln Place Parking Garage: Lincoln Place 231 16th St (6min, 0.3 mile) | Parking Lot at 1601 Collins Ave (6min, 0.3 mile).

Party Responsibly: Please DO NOT Drink & Drive. Opt for Ride Share Apps (Lyft or Uber), a taxi service or designated driver.

Questions? Please email: We look forward to celebrating with you responsibly.


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  • Date Fri, Jun 21
  • Time 10:00 PM - 02:00 AM
  • Get Directions Hyde Beach Miami
    1701 Collins Ave Miami FL
  • Price $30.00 USD - $200.00 USD